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Market Guide for Multicloud Networking Software

By Gartner

Public cloud providers’ native networking capabilities are good enough for many use cases, but have notable gaps. Forklifting traditional virtual routers to fill these gaps is inefficient, so I&O leaders should adopt multicloud networking software to improve operations in public cloud environments.

Key Findings

  • Enterprises deploy multicloud networking software to address network shortcomings in public cloud, infrastructure-as-a-service environments, including a lack of advanced features, and/or consistent management at scale.
  • Despite being called “multicloud” networking software, enterprises can (and do) deploy it in single cloud environments, as well as multicloud environments.
  • Virtual routers and virtual appliances offered by traditional network vendors often fail to meet the requirements of cloud and DevOps teams, particularly in programmability, integration or flexible licensing.
  • The market is small, but growing, from both a revenue and customer perspective. We estimate that several thousand customers have deployed MCNS

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