Backend Engineer

Prosimo is looking for a backend engineer who can design and build modern, scalable SaaS applications. Innovate with modern Fortune-500 enterprises as they modernize their applications in multi-cloud infrastructure and provide an optimized experience to users. We are the first company to provide fast and secure experiences for all enterprise applications – quickly, easily, and within a company’s administrative control.


  • Build micro services using Golang to run in Kubernetes environment
  • Build RESTful web services in Golang
  • Collaborate with the product team at all stages of product development
  • Work closely with your peers and keep engaging in a fast pace technical design and development team
  • Execute in a fast pace delivery mode and focus in delivering tasks to meet the product release goal
  • Maintain code quality through best practices, unit testing and code quality automation


  • 6+ years of backend development experience
  • Programming Languages: Golang or C/C++ is a must. Java, Python is optional.
  • Data bases: RDBMS (SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle etc), ElasticSearch
  • Experience working with Microservices architecture and message queues (Kafka, kinesis, pub/sub etc)
  • Experience working with Kubernetes, Docker or other container orchestration frameworks
  • Familiarity with either one of AWS, Azure and GCP platforms
  • Building efficient scalable applications
  • API development and Git version control
  • Bachelor’s or Masters in Computer Science or equivalent