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Rethink How You Deliver Application Experience

Prosimo makes it easy for traditionally siloed teams across the organization to work together to deliver powerful application experiences. Our solution sits on top of existing multi-cloud infrastructure to help simplify cloud operations, enforce consistent security policies, modernize applications and enable infrastructure transformation.

Cloud Security Architect

Responsible for creating and enforcing enterprise security policies across the organization.


Protects users, apps, data and systems from unauthorized access without impacting legitimate work.

Core Needs

Protecting the enterprise in an increasingly risky world requires visibility and control into multi-cloud environments. Ideally, security architects would have a single tool to create and enforce consistent security policies on all workloads.

Pain Points

  • The sophistication and volume of attacks keep growing, making it increasingly hard to protect users, applications, data, and systems.
  • Multi-cloud environments prevent visibility and control into workloads running in cloud service provider environments.
  • An increasingly distributed and mobile workforce makes it hard to manage and deploy agents in front of critical applications.
  • Need to rely on cloud security presence for performance and uptime.
  • Need to compromise on performance/experience while adding security controls.
  • Loss of control over their data for simplicity with third-party cloud security mid-mile solutions.

Rethink how you deliver and secure applications with Prosimo AXI.

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Prosimo Outcomes


Merge enterprise compliance and control with the scalability and economics of the cloud.

  • Data never leaves your administrative boundary
  • Internet accessible but not internet exposed
  • Don’t compromise performance while adding layers of security controls

Modern data-driven security platform.

  • Dynamic (ML-led) posture checks for both users and applications
  • 5-gates of access control with geo-elasticity
  • Data driven decisions that lead to deep insights into the user <-> app access

Cloud-native operating model.

  • Single operating model for multi-cloud & hybrid-cloud environments
  • Faster partner / employee / contractor onboarding
  • Multi-dimensional compliance across regions, devices, browsers and users
  • Agility through infrastructure and security policy as code

Security eco-system integration.

  • Bi-directional threat intelligence that can be exported to external threat feeds and input signal to access control
  • Native 1st party security with best of breed 3rd party security integrations

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