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Rethink How You Deliver Application Experience

Prosimo makes it easy for traditionally siloed teams across the organization to work together to deliver powerful application experiences. Our solution sits on top of existing multi-cloud infrastructure to help simplify cloud operations, enforce consistent security policies, modernize applications and enable infrastructure transformation.

Cloud Network Architect

Responsible for planning and designing the cloud network infrastructure for the organization. Offers technical guidance on networking solutions, product plans, and roadmaps.


Optimizes and connects enterprise systems to ensure fast connectivity for users and interconnectivity of applications.

Core Needs

Network architects need to ensure that teams and the network can support modern applications in the multi-cloud world without breaking the bank. They can become heroes by quickly identifying poor application experiences and finding a quick resolution. To do this, network architects need to refocus their responsibilities from cloud connectivity to app experience by becoming the glue between cloud, security, applications, and endpoints.

Pain Points

  • Need deeper insight into experiences and visibility into sophisticated networking apps in order to combat blindspots; ideally provided by an app-driven full-cycle product that can detect, remediate, and iterate.
  • Integration of DevOps, SecOps, and App teams is needed; modern networks need agile, fast-moving orchestration between cloud, security, applications, and endpoints.
  • Difficulty in managing a network that is spread across multi-cloud environments, as well as enterprise policies for modern apps with thousands of microservices across different cloud service providers.
  • A balance is needed between delivering the "right" experience and growing cloud spend.
  • Need to deal with a slew of different solutions and toolboxes to manage application performance and security.

Rethink how you deliver and secure applications with Prosimo AXI.

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Prosimo Outcomes


A modern multi-cloud network infrastructure stack focused on user and app experience.

  • Multi-cloud Networking that is not just about connectivity, but has built-in optimizations across multiple layers ( (L3 + L4 + CDN + CSP Edge stack)
  • 3-lane express-way model to map applications, which abstracts all the underlying complexity and provides a seamless way to balance cost vs performance
  • Geo-performance + continuous Zero Trust access provides a SaaS-like experience
  • Traffic never leaves your administrative boundary, giving you full administrative control

Network infrastructure with cloud elasticity and economics.

  • Network as a service delivered from the cloud and built to provide a consistent experience for all users
  • Pay-as-you-go networking model that leads to reduced costs
  • Charge-back is driven by actual usage
  • Provide improved end-user experience for all applications [internal and legacy]

A move from Mean time to Innocence (MTTI) mode to data-driven decisions.

  • Reduce operational costs through a reduction in time and tickets
  • Deep insights into user <-> app access
  • Fast isolation to drive actions across network, cloud, app and security stacks
  • Data-driven recommendations (e.g. app performance, user ingress and cost-control)

A vertically integrated approach to help network architects keep up with DevOPs.

  • A clean sheet approach to providing a cloud network structure in line with business objectives
  • Infrastructure-as-code aligned with app deployment
  • Instant elasticity through real-time auto-scale capabilities

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