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Rethink How You Deliver Application Experience

Prosimo makes it easy for traditionally siloed teams across the organization to work together to deliver powerful application experiences. Our solution sits on top of existing multi-cloud infrastructure to help simplify cloud operations, enforce consistent security policies, modernize applications and enable infrastructure transformation.

Cloud Platform Architects

Responsible for building a highly available infrastructure stack in the cloud in order to provide scalable, secure, and cost-optimized architecture for applications. Explores and executes best practices and strategies around securing access to cloud services and infrastructure.


Builds a consistent blueprint for the enterprise as different business units build and move applications to the cloud. The blueprint should balance agility, capabilities, security, vendor relations, and cost.

Core Needs

Cloud innovations are rapid, requiring a cloud architecture platform that can keep up, is future-proof, and can support business objectives. Cloud architects need to stay on top of the latest features and stitch together the right recipe of microservices that optimize application experience while keeping an eye on cloud spend.

Pain Points

  • Cloud teams are forced to adopt a static architecture because of the many variances needed to deliver a consistent application experience.
  • The process to ensure consistency across various applications in multiple clouds, combined with multiple user types that need to access these applications, requires touching dozens of cloud providers and 3rd party services.
  • Difficult to optimize cloud spend since there’s no outcome-based measurement for costs.
  • Unable to enable cross-region and cross-cloud connectivity in a secure and optimized way.

Rethink how you deliver and secure applications with Prosimo AXI.

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Prosimo Outcomes


An application infrastructure stack with a cloud-native operating model.

  • The single operating model for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments
  • Faster rollout of apps and updates
  • Infrastructure-as-code with blue/green alerting and canary deployments
  • Instant elasticity through real-time auto-scale capabilities based on usage
  • Integration with modern app stack (Istio, Anthos, etc.)
  • Increased efficiency of infrastructure and cloud ops teams
  • The simple and modern cloud networking stack

SaaS-like architecture for enterprise applications.

  • Geo-performance + continuous Zero Trust access provides SaaS-like access and experience
  • Internet-accessible but not Internet exposed
  • Right-size your infrastructure based on app experience needs (3-lane expressway)
  • Modernize legacy apps with modern app services (https/QUIC, auto-CDN)

Deliver the right application experience driven by data.

  • Tightly integrated stack across applications/security/network/cloud that replaces legacy services
  • Data-driven decisions that lead to deep insights into the user <-> application and application <-->application access
  • ML-driven recommendations (e.g. app placement, user ingress, cost control)
  • Chargeback model aligned with usage and value

True cloud-native platform that eliminates the 5 complex layers of delivering applications.

  • Monitoring and insights
  • Zero Trust app segmentation
  • Application experience
  • Network firewalling
  • Underlay routing / multi-cloud connectivity

No learning curve to adopt multi-cloud capabilities and best practices.

  • Adopt the latest features released by cloud providers without relentless catch-up
  • Use any cloud provider’s edge and regions (100+ Regions, 500+ Edge locations)
  • No learning curve or relentless configuration for new CSP features

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