June 17, 2021


The State of ITOps: Digital Transformation, Technical Debt and Budgets

Written By Mike Vizard

By Mike Vizard

As IT continues to evolve the one thing that is becoming increasingly apparent is IT operations teams are becoming overwhelmed. In addition to managing multiple local data centers, it’s not uncommon for IT teams to find themselves also managing one or more public cloud computing environments.

A survey of 400 IT leaders at organizations with more than 1,000 employees highlights the extent of the problem. Conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of Prosimo, a provider of a platform for unifying the management of cloud networks, the survey finds nearly half (47%) of respondents report it has become impossible to keep up with the diversity of the application and user landscape. 

While there is no shortage of tools to manage IT environments, the problem is that each platform has its own unique set of management tools that need to be deployed. As a result, the total cost of IT tends to increase with each new platform added because another IT specialist needs to be hired to master the tool. 

“The tools that are being used are super complex,” said Mehul Patel, head of marketing for Prosimo.

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