June 24, 2021


Multi-cloud | Tomversations: Episode 18

Written By Tom Hollingsworth

We all know about cloud by now. We know that our future IT work lies somewhere in a data center run by Amazon, Microsoft, or some other provider. However, the trend lately has been to embrace more than one provider. Developers are intent on moving workloads back and forth between clouds and tout the advantages of multi-cloud application deployments.

But what are the real drivers behind this shift? Is it increased resilience in your infrastructure? Is it driven by developer preference and best-of-breed application development environments? Or is it really being driven by the lowest common denominator in IT: lower costs? Don’t forget the specter of lock-in as well!

In this episode of Tomversations, I take a look at the drivers of multi-cloud deployments and try to shatter some of the myths that we tell ourselves when it’s time to put cloud to the test. Are you taking full advantage of the tools being offered? Are you doing multi-cloud because you need to do it? Or because you think it makes you look cool in interviews?

Also discussed is data from a recent report commissioned by Prosimo about multi-cloud advantages and disadvantages.

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