Prosimo Solution

Turn Your Network into Express Lanes

Delight users with performance and empower the business with productivity

What You Get from Existing Solutions

Inconsistent Performance

No understanding of application type

Lack of Visibility

Only looking at Port/Protocol level

Skyrocketing Costs

Balance ingress, egress, and transit cloud costs

One Size Doesn't Fit All App Performance Needs

Enterprises cannot optimize for performance for every application in their infrastructure – performance requirements for an application in QA is not the same for production.

  • Cloud providers offer capabilities but enterprises are responsible for application performance
  • CRM, data lake, and VDI have different performance requirements
  • Network-centric approaches increase data transfer charges because the requirement for the most stringent apps becomes the default for apps

The infrastructure needs to understand the needs for each and every application to balance cost and performance.


Turbo Charge Application Performance


Prosimo’s cloud-native architecture and approach provide a flexible and dynamic network that understands the behavior of each app and optimizes performance at L3, L4, and L7:

  • IP: Dynamically route via cloud edge such as AWS GA or which cloud backbone to use between regions
  • TCP: TCP tuning between regions and upstream app servers – congestion control, dynamic RTO tuning
  • HTTP/HTTPS: Optimizations and private CDN performance for private or public apps, health checks
  • DNS: Proximity ingress, optimized end-to-end path

Start using 3 simple performance lanes for each application to manage cost vs. performance expectations.

It's Not about the Infrastructure, it's About Productivity

Predictable, Tunable Performance

Receive daily insights and recommendations on how to improve performance, lower costs, or both. Deploy application performance policies that automate caching at the far CSP edge while routing within CSPs.

Reduce Operational Costs

Per-application policies combined with "to-the-cloud" and "within-the-cloud" telemetry mean lower MTTR as a result of better telemetry between user-to-app and app-to-app.

Flatten App Services

Granular control over security and application performance policies means fewer hops and less vendor management. Improve user experience - securely - through the simplicity of Prosimo's edge stack.

Get 60% App Performance Improvement

See how you can give users the experience they want and get the performance you need. Take our assessment to see how Prosimo can help.