Prosimo Solution

Simplify and Secure App-to-App Networking

Eliminate the underlying complexity of connecting applications, APIs, and databases across public and private clouds

Distributed Applications in the Cloud Need More Than Just Connectivity

Enterprises are moving applications to the cloud that best fits their application needs. Can your cloud network support the traffic flows with an integrated security framework and rich application visibility?

  • Web application in AWS Region-1 connected to Web application in AWS Region-2
  • Web application in AWS-Region-1 connected to SQL database in Azure Region-1
  • TCP application in Azure Region-1 connected to TCP/UDP application GCP Region-1
  • Web application in Azure connected to SQL database in data center using Express route
  • Web application in GCP connected to API endpoint in data center using mTLS over Internet
  • IP layer connectivity between AWS Regions for apps IP CIDRs in Customer and Client VPCs

Fundamental shifts are needed in the underlying architecture to connect and secure applications in the cloud with on-demand operations.

What Do You Get From Existing Solutions?

Increased Complexity

Firewalls, ACLs, Routers and Tunnels are needed for apps to talk to each other

No App-to-App security

Network layer segmentation is not Zero Trust

No Performance Optimization

L3 does not understand application performance requirements

App-to-App Networking with Performance, Security, and Observability


A single network fabric that understands applications to interconnect them at L3, L4 and L7.

  • Leverage cloud-native networking constructs like peering and private links to connect to apps across multi-cloud and multi-region
  • Interconnect applications using application endpoint and not CIDRs / Ports
  • Built-in application-level segmentation eliminates the need for complex network layer segmentation
  • One platform for enterprise apps to connect to PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS across the cloud

Prosimo connects applications, databases, and APIs using a cloud provider network with uncapped capacity and low latency via globally distributed cloud regions (POPS) and edge locations.

Scale Apps without the Traditional Routing Complexities

Cloud Native for App-tp-App

Simplified application connectivity utilizing cloud-native constructs, application-aware routing, and managing DNS with required orchestration.

Dramatically Faster Applications

Offloading performance and cloud networking to Prosimo Distributed Edge infrastructure spread across Multi-cloud and coupled with content caching make the apps hyper-localized

App Aware Security Controls

Deploy your apps using modern Zero Trust Access principles, levering built-in app contexts, mTLS and continuous authorization to protect your workloads in the cloud

It's Time to Simplify App-to-App Access

See how your applications can get the performance and security they need. Take our assessment to see how Prosimo can help.