Device Agent Engineer


US, West or Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Common requirements:   

  • Working knowledge of HTTP, SSL/TLS, REST APIs.
  • Endpoint agent -- with traffic re-routing, proxying capabilities -- would be a plus. 
  • DLP, anti-malware/-virus, or firewalling software experience can be used as a "proxy" for knowledge of the foundational technologies. 
  • Languages: Golang would be a plus.


  • WFP or LSP and Winsock expertise.
  • Experience building UI in UWP/WPF would be a plus.
  • Languages: C++ would be necessary.


  • Kernel Extensions expertise.
  • Optionally, Systems Extensions knowledge.
  • Experience building UI with appkit would be a plus.
  • Languages: ObjC is necessary. C++/Swift would be a plus.

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