Milestone moment: funding the future of cloud networking

Today marks an important milestone in Prosimo’s journey – the beginning of our next phase of application-focused infrastructure. I want to thank all the customers, partners, and, most importantly, our team who has helped us get here.

The IP address is dead

In public cloud the IP address is here today, different tomorrow. The application and its FQDN, however, remain unchanged.

The immutable link between CloudOps and user experience

It appears that execution, realization, and control of user experience is something that has eluded all of us who have been responsible for creating, securing, or enhancing the path to an application. Not just for a time, for decades. We all knew it was a problem, yet we accepted that daily break/fix tickets were simply a part of life that we would never escape.

Tech DeepDive: the why and how of Prosimo network transit

Whether you are using Transit Gateway in AWS or VNet peering in Azure, Prosimo orchestrates the connectivity between functions and clouds, selects the best possible path, and then provides you with a global view of your cloud networks and apps.

Go beyond mere connectivity to get the most out of your multicloud environments

To ensure their multicloud environment’s security, performance, consistency, and simplicity, enterprises need to build an intelligent fabric that automatically connects applications, services, and networks across cloud infrastructures based on pre-set operations, security, and performance requirements.

Full-Stack Cloud Transit

To ensure the security, performance, consistency, and simplicity of their cloud environment, enterprises need to build an intelligent fabric that seamlessly interconnects these services and understands various applications. Prosimo’s architecture fulfills this need through its Full-Stack Cloud Transit and ML capabilities to deliver Autonomous Multicloud Networking.

Building blocks of the analytics pipeline

The Prosimo stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management—all powered by data insights and machine learning models with autonomous cloud networking to reduce complexity and risk. We wanted to share some of our learnings with the DS community as they look to solve challenges in their own environment.

Last Week’s AWS Outage and Avoiding “The 5 Stages of Networking Grief”

Your customers – internal and external – don’t care about a single region of AWS being down while the rest of the internet is operating normally.  You may be able to do this on your own, but I recommend that you do everything you can to avoid the 5 Stages of Network Grief. 

AWS Cloud WAN, what and why

The question to ask is, “Does my networking layer configuration need to be a direct instantiation of the communication relationships between my application endpoints or subnets? “because that would imply an exponential change matrix every time you need to add a new VPC or a service or make changes to an existing one.

Top 5 lessons for enterprises trying to connect to the multicloud

In light of this, Prosimo, the Application Experience Infrastructure company, hosted a webinar discussion focused on the multi-cloud in August. This exclusive webinar explored the top five challenges faced by enterprises that are trying to connect to the multi-cloud.

Prosimo wraps stellar opening quarter with significant momentum

We are thrilled by this early growth and validation we have received since our public launch in April 2021. As we continue to grow our customer pipeline with Fortune 500 companies and tier-1 service providers, we are excited to build on this momentum and help enterprises at every stage of their journey to multi-cloud.

Go to the cloud, but leave your L3 stack at home.

The challenge that many organizations are now facing is that while application engineering has moved on, network and security have not. This statement should not be seen as an indictment or organizational failure; the cloud did not suddenly appear fully formed. We all have had to change and adapt as public cloud matured.