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Rethink Application Experience Across Multi-Cloud

“I just sent screenshots of your product to my execs to show how the experience has improved for these problematic apps, and they went ‘WOW!’”

These are the words from the chief cloud architect of a large bank, and precisely the words a startup founder yearns to hear. More than the accolade, the words encapsulate what Prosimo is all about—improving app experience AND showing outcomes that make cloud/multi-cloud apps work better. More on this later, but let’s start at the beginning.

The Problem: Cloud Requires a Rethink of the Infra Stack

Companies are making “cloud first” a top priority, and IT infrastructure is a serious weapon in the arsenal. However, with divergence in approaches—internal vs. external users, public vs. private apps, cloud-networking objectives vs. cloud-security objectives, cloud native vs. consumed as SaaS, etc.—we’re already seeing silos and early versions of what will become the proverbial duct tape and glue at a very high cost.

So what’s the correct architectural blueprint for cloud apps—one that will stand the test of time? To answer that question, let’s look at the five forces of gravity here:

  • App Diversity—Apps are increasingly getting richer and different (look no further than your web app, VDI, data lakes, PaaS, and modern mesh apps), and each one of them poses a different constraint on your net/sec/app/cloud stack.
  • Cloud Native—Heavy investments are already being made to increase edge locations, cloud regions with rich services, local edge compute, super high-capacity backbones—every possible service is going cloud native. The public cloud is the new IT infrastructure.
  • Anywhere and Everywhere—Do you know which users are internal or external and which app is external anymore? And now that 99 percent of the cloud is within 10ms of users, it’s time to think about value and capabilities very differently. Users and apps have left the building.
  • Insights Drive Behavior—The organizations that focus on outcomes driven by insights win. This has become table stakes, especially when operating in the cloud.
  • Decentralization and Centralization—Apps are getting fragmented across clouds, regions, and edge locations. Data and compliance gravity are forcing centralization—there’s no more one size fits all.

Simply put, traditional sandwiched architectures fall short—by a lot. This is the critical shortfall that drove us to start Prosimo.

We Are Different—That’s Who We Are

Prosimo’s mission is to make infrastructure transparent and secure, and to deliver cloud apps with the experience required at scale and within the customer’s control. Our solution is built for the cloud and using the cloud, heavily powered by data and insights, and fully application driven.

We’re challenging decades of traditional architectures—so yes, by definition we’re crazy and radical. About two years ago, Nehal and I got together after our first successful startup rodeo (Viptela) as we saw some whitespace in infrastructure for cloud applications. Together with Linus and Pradeep, we focused on the opportunity to modernize enterprise infrastructure and “do cloud right”. Dozens of others joined us with that same sense of passion.

I’m super stoked that today we’re emerging from stealth, backed by bold and amazing investors: Steve Herrod at General Catalyst and LipBu Tan at WRVI, as well as Amarjit Gill, our trusted advisor for a decade—all of them saw the disruption our solution can have to the cloud. Equally important to honor are our pioneer customers from Fortune 500 enterprises and partners who have taken the bold step to realize the value we provide, have served as guardrails for our product and have helped guide our company along the way.

So—back to the WOW, what’s so different about what we do? Unlike traditional approaches, we started with outcome—not fuzzy intent, but real, measurable outcome—which we call the Prosimo SLA. This encapsulates what enterprises care about when delivering apps. It is simply:

  • Up to 90 percent improvement in app experience (page-load times, latency, TTFB, etc.)
  • A 99 percent reduction in app attack surface to ensure secure access
  • Up to 60 percent reduction in costs (rethinking the stack and taking away irrelevant pieces)
  • Up to 90 percent improvement in app infra deployment

And we do this by being cloud native and providing the vertically integrated platform that is applicable for users accessing apps, and for apps/services talking to each other. All of this is powered by an ensemble of ML algorithms that automatically expand or contract your multi-cloud presence, dynamically enable security in real time, and balance costs. In short, our solution provides the best of many worlds—simplicity despite multi-cloud, a consumption model of as-a-service, data-driven decisions, and a platform that’s entirely in your administrative control.

Why You Should Care

If you’re a cloud architect or an IT leader, very rarely do you get tools that enable you to consolidate efforts, and more importantly, to make decisions using an iterative measure->decide->enforce feedback loop all in one place. With Prosimo, you get a powerful platform that can be used to:

  1. Accelerate multi-cloud adoption by improving app experience by up to 90 percent in less than five minutes. The apps run the gamut from web apps, R&D suite, VDI, and data lakes to modern K8/service mesh, private PaaS services (S3, block storage), etc.
  2. Enable work from anywhere for your workforce and business partners, while still providing the security and app experience they demand.
  3. Drive app-infra modernization across your multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environment, irrespective of the underlying type of application.

Multiple large enterprises using the Prosimo platform started off with a handful of problematic apps and a few hundred users, and they quickly realized the power of the platform. [insert the banking example here] We know that transformation is a journey, and we built this new architecture using our crawl-walk-run approach.

We wanted our customers to avoid having to deal with fragmented initiatives to cloud workloads—think of Prosimo as one platform that provides the solution for your Multi-Cloud Networking, Zero Trust with IAP, app micro-segmentation, access to lift-and-shift VMware on AWS/Azure apps, app-infra modernization for K8/mesh apps, and so on. Think what this can do to simplify your infrastructure as a whole, not to mention the improvement in cost/benefits.

Dozens of enterprises that believe in this vision have already taken steps to modernize their stack with Prosimo and are seeing breathtaking results. With this launch, we’re inviting progressive IT and cloud leaders who are frustrated with the status quo, who want to think different, and who want to be a pioneer in what it means to be “cloud first” to reach out to us—let’s have a healthy dialogue. A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history.

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